Leeway Engineering Solutions (LW) provides unique solutions for water and wastewater public works service providers. Founded on a history of successful program and project delivery, LW specializes in asset management, planning, condition assessment, I/I studies, rehabilitation and replacement designs, owner’s representative, construction management services, and DEI advocacy at the project level.


Principal Engineer

Rob has spent his entire career as a consultant in the municipal environmental engineering field. He began his career on the East Coast, including serving as an assistant program manager on a successful 17-year $170M CSO elimination program by using the gamut of trenchless rehabilitation solutions to reduce peak wet-weather flows. After moving back to the West Coast, Rob built on his experience by working on numerous successful projects and programs, including successful I/I, asset management, and rehabilitation programs.

Rob has a passion for growing and improving the industry through numerous avenues. He is an advocate for diversifying the water field at all levels. He is the 2018 Lyman Ketcham Award for his contributions to collection systems in the Northwest and is currently serving as Vice-President for the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Board of Directors.


Senior Engineer

Yarrow is an expert at hydrodynamic modeling, concept planning, design support, and asset management. Throughout her career, she has earned a reputation for skilled mentoring and successfully delivering sensible solutions to unique challenges. She particularly enjoys working with clients to determine their individual goals and find the right solution for each unique problem.

She spent the first 10 years of her career working for the City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services, where she specialized in hydrodynamic modeling and analysis of Oregon’s largest combined sewer system. She entered the private sector about three years ago, looking to diversify her experience and serve a wider range of clients in the Pacific Northwest region.


Senior Engineer

Christina brings over 20 years of experience developing and managing public health and environmental programs in state and local government. She has an extensive water and wastewater background which includes laboratory management, field sampling and analysis, flow monitoring, utility operations, and leadership, industrial pretreatment, and wastewater epidemiology.

Passionate about finding innovative and sustainable solutions for managing resources, she brings diverse stakeholders together to find unique opportunities to improve utility performance, enhance facility operations and pretreatment innovation, and identify beneficial resource recovery and reuse alternatives. She uses a strategic approach to engage stakeholders and leverage public/private partnerships for integrated resource planning, assisting communities with regulatory compliance and developing resource recovery roadmaps.


Project Engineer

The company’s go-to for project management, Brittany thrives on helping clients keep their projects organized and delivered on schedule and on budget. Through her experience managing multi-disciplinary teams for projects, Brittany has developed a collaborative approach to design and project management. She combines operational experience gained as a technical manager with a passion for collaborative teamwork to deliver practical projects designed and built for practical construction and maintenance considerations.


Project Engineer

Zach is a graduate of Oregon State University, where he completed his degree in Civil Engineering.  The majority of his career has been focused on condition assessment and sanitary sewer rehabilitation and replacement design as a consultant to municipalities.  He has worked on and designed many small and large projects utilizing trenchless rehabilitation methods and traditional open-cut. Zach grew up and spent his entire career in the Northwest and is passionate about improving and making the region a better place. Zach enjoys a collaborative work style bouncing ideas off of one another to come to the best approach.


Project Engineer

Licensed in Oregon and Washington, Rylee’s passion for math and the outdoors brought her to civil engineering, with a specialty in all things sewer related. She is experienced in sewer assessment and design as well as Inflow & Infiltration study and planning projects. Rylee has also spent time working with the City of Portland conducting hydraulic modeling for combined sanitary and storm gravity systems. She enjoys building relationships and thinking outside the box to help solve clients’ problems as efficiently as possible. Rylee currently serves as the secretary for the North American Society of Trenchless Technology’s Pacific Northwest chapter. When she’s not working, Rylee enjoys being outdoors, whether it’s backpacking, skiing, or laying on a sunny beach, preferably with her dog in tow. 


Staff Engineer

In pursuit of her passion for water and wastewater remediation, Chizuru studied Environmental Engineering at Portland State University with a focus on water resources. Her skills range from GIS, data collection and interpretation, pipeline design, and pipeline asset management. Her experience involves fieldwork in industrial stormwater pollutant runoff studies, water quality laboratory analysis, water filtration development and testing, asset valuation for asset management, and hydraulic modeling water distribution systems. Chizuru continues to expand her scope of skills to encompass building vendor relationships and organizing interactive data packages. She prides herself on her approachable nature, efficiency in work, and enthusiasm about the industry. When not working, Chizuru could be found working on projects using her mechanical skills and passion for mixed media art


Staff Engineer

Lul is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo where she completed her degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in water resources engineering. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she engaged in several projects to provide real-world solutions to stormwater and flood management. Since graduating she has worked as a design engineer with expertise in pipelines, site improvements, and stormwater management. She has experience assisting water resources and transportation design groups in their service to government agencies, districts, consultants, and sometimes the general public. Lul also gained construction engineering experience as an intern for firms in California and abroad in Ethiopia.


Staff Engineer

Delandra recently graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Environmental Engineering. During her studies, her research topics centered around floodplain policy and environmental justice issues. Coming from a family of operator engineers, Delandra gained an understanding of the greater social and political realities surrounding municipal construction projects. Delandra continues to have a passion for being part of an engineering movement that designs resilient infrastructure to protect people and maintain the community.


Staff Engineer

Shant’s interest in resource management led him to the University of California, Davis where he completed his master’s in environmental engineering with a focus on water resources. Shant has worked on large planning projects in the past and is experienced in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. He is passionate about sustainable urban systems and enjoys building relationships with clients and teammates. Outside of work, Shant can be found experimenting in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, and hitting the pickleball courts.


Administrative Specialist

Bennia is business-oriented with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Her goal is to improve efficacy and efficiency in every business with the help of technological advances while improving customer service and employee satisfaction. 

Owning her own business and working in healthcare information technology has given her experience in seeing how information technology can be an asset to any business platform.  Bennia’s passion is to align IT initiatives with business goals to provide the context and channels for organization-wide success.

Let’s build something together.

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